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We can talk a lot about what we do, but there is truth in the motto “talk is silver, showing is golden.” We follow this motto.  On this page, we are offering you a varied insight into our range of activities. Convince yourself of our expertise in carcassing, industrial construction, commercial and logistics construction, earthwork, and residential construction. As you can see, we consider both aesthetic and functional aspects in our construction projects.

Accordingly, our clients are highly satisfied and choose us time and again as a strong partner for demanding projects.

You too can actualize your building project with us. We look forward to a successful collaboration with you that is based on partnership.


Partner der Grossmann Baugesellschaft


Schüttflix - Deine App für Schüttgüter
Schüttflix macht die Baustelle zur Wow-stelle:
Wir digitalisieren die Versorgung von Schüttgütern, sowie die Entsorgung von Bau- und Abbruchabfällen - schnell, transparent, digital! Einfach wow, halt.