New planning for the construction of a single-family house

New construction of a single family house

Location: Sulzbach am Main

Housing units: 1

Construction time: 12 months

At the Sulzbach am Main site, we were commissioned to build a single-family house. We were also available to our client as a contact partner for carrying out special requests up to the point of handing over the keys, and we adeptly coordinated all of the craftwork involved in the project, which only took twelve months to complete.

The different construction phases

As with every house construction, we built a stable foundation at the beginning, which will not lose any of its load-bearing capacity for decades to come. After the foundation had hardened, we initiated the carcassing on schedule. During this construction phase, the home began to take shape-walls, ceilings and the roof made the floor plan tangible. Afterwards, the completion phase began.  Not only were our clients enthusiastic about the smoothly run installation of energy-efficient windows, doors, modern supply lines, high-quality sanitary facilities and much more, but also at the end of the project, the Grossmann Baugesellschaft team only had to clear the outdoor area of building rubble and other unwanted things, and make it family-friendly.

Single family house made to measure

Thanks to Grossmann Baugesellschaft, our client enjoys a high-quality, sustainable and customized solidly constructed house, for which he received services from one source that were all optimized to meet his requirements. If you are also looking for a partner who specializes in turnkey house construction to individual specifications, we will be happy to answer your questions.