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New construction of 2 apartment buildings with 5 residential units and underground car park

Location: Fachrbachweg 125, Aschaffenburg

Apartment units: 10

Construction time: 12 months

On Fahrbachweg, located in Aschaffeburg, we were assigned the task of constructing two multi-family houses, each with 5 residential units and a corresponding underground car park. In order to complete the order according to the client’s explicitly stated ideas and wishes, we conducted several discussion beforehand.  After we attained a concrete idea of what the client wanted, we took on the challenge of executing this personalized project. In this way, we were able to complete the project on schedule, while fulfilling all of the client’s wishes under highest quality standards.

Many requirements for the construction of an underground car park

Since the desired apartment buildings in Fahrbachweg were to be equipped with an underground car park, our team had to build the car park at the beginning of the construction project. Numerous factors had to be taken into account for this construction, especially as the underground garage was to be a reliable support for two apartment buildings.  But even with this project, we were able to start work on the foundations and carcass of the apartment buildings at once.

Completion of the apartment buildings

The foundation is indeed of central importance in any house construction, but the load-bearing capacity of these apartment buildings meant that the foundation had to be made even stronger. Nevertheless, after the correspondingly extended drying out period, we were able to start with the carcassing and interior work on schedule. After all the supply lines had been laid, the windows and doors installed, and the outdoor facilities prepared, we were once again able to hand over the keys of a quality work of construction to a satisfied client.