53 family homes in 36 months? We can do it!

53 residential units as semi-detached and
terraced houses, 3 construction phases

Location: Hanau Großauheim

Construction time: 36 months

In Hanau, we were given the challenge of constructing 53 residential units as semi-detached and terraced houses. The entire construction took place in three stages and we were able to successfully complete the project within 36 months. Before we could start the project, there were many details to discuss–this is the only way to ensure that our clients’ wishes are fulfilled and that safety requirements are met.

We think of everything!

A construction project requires precise planning. The law also makes demands on a project of this size, from safety to energy costs. We take all of these aspects into account in the execution of the project. The carcass is the heart and loadbearing structure of a building; it includes all earth, reinforced concrete, and masonry work.

Our goal is to fulfil the client’s wishes with the highest quality

During the entire project, of course, the fulfilment of the client’s wishes has to be given absolute priority. We are able to do this thanks to our many years of experience and the lively exchange of ideas with our clients. Furthermore, we naturally guarantee the highest quality, due to our experienced and highly professional employees, supplemented by our modern fleet of vehicles. Should you have any questions or suggestions regarding this project or one of your own construction projects, please feel free to contact us.