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Logistics halls - your key to success

We understand the importance of generous space, efficient traffic routes, and economic efficiency when it comes to the perfect logistics hall. Our expertise lies in ensuring smooth goods flows.

Challenges in everyday logistics

In logistics, professionals always need to stay clear-headed. Long work routes, obstructive support pillars, or even uneven flooring can hinder workflow and affect cost-effectiveness. We understand these challenges and are here to provide solutions.

Various construction approaches for your logistics hall

Modern construction techniques allow us to plan and implement your logistics hall in a customised manner. We can seamlessly integrate office or restroom facilities. Different construction approaches are available:

Concrete hall

This offers top-notch fire protection and is resistant to smoldering fires. Concrete also has a high heat storage capacity and is economically viable throughout the hall's lifecycle.

Steel hall

Steel frameworks offer high flexibility, allowing for slender cross-sections and wide spans. Steel halls are cost-effective for expansion and can be easily disassembled and reassembled elsewhere in bolted construction.

What Do We Offer in Logistics Construction?

With GROSSMANN Baugesellschaft, you have an expert team at your side that is well-versed in the logistics industry. We understand the daily challenges and create functional logistics halls perfectly tailored to your company's requirements. Our goal is to optimise logistics and maximise the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of goods handling.