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Industrial Construction - Tailored Solutions for Every Requirement

The workplace is constantly evolving, marked by innovations and advancing digitisation, posing increasingly complex challenges for industries. As entrepreneurs, you must continuously find new ways to flexibly respond to market fluctuations and customer needs. We create customised industrial buildings that facilitate efficient workflows in your production.

Steel Halls - The Preferred Construction Method in Industrial Construction

In industrial construction, we typically rely on structures made of steel or reinforced concrete. Steel is a preferred building material in the industry because it allows the construction of halls with large spans and high load-bearing capacity. The unique properties of steel bring numerous advantages for warehouses, production halls, and high-bay storage:

  • Short construction times enable economic planning and construction.
  • Large spans for roof structures and ceiling frameworks meet modern requirements in hall construction.
  • The flexibility of steel combined with slim cross-sections allows the realisation of structures that are not only functional but also meet aesthetic standards. Thus, industrial construction becomes the showcase of your company, setting itself apart in design from your competitors.

Depending on the requirements of your industrial construction, we implement your project with the optimal steel construction method tailored to your needs.

What Do We Offer in Industrial Construction?

For over a decade, GROSSMANN Baugesellschaft has been realising state-of-the-art industrial buildings, production halls, and innovative custom structures in the Rhein-Main area. Through the perfect alignment of requirements, utility, and cost-effectiveness, an industrial hall is created where processes and goods flow almost effortlessly. This not only enhances workplace efficiency but also leads to increased revenue and success.