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Groundwater lowering is essential in the construction industry when building structures and pipelines are installed within groundwater zones. The goal of groundwater lowering is to remove ground or layer water from the excavation area, keeping it dry for necessary construction activities.

In cases of strong groundwater flows, a groundwater lowering system with a sump (closed dewatering) is typically used. This system ensures the temporary extraction of groundwater. It is necessary when the highest groundwater level is more than 50 cm above the base of the excavation, requiring a completely dry pit area for construction work.

Intervening in the groundwater balance requires various permits. We assist you in compliance with laws and regulations, including necessary protocols, documentation, and extraction quotas.

Thanks to our extensive experience, technical expertise, and modern equipment meticulously maintained, we guarantee the professional implementation of every groundwater lowering. By employing special filters, it is possible to lower the water in various soil types. We provide tailored consultation on all groundwater management matters and develop customised solutions.

What do we offer in the area of groundwater lowering?
  • Lowering of groundwater through vacuum systems
  • Open and closed dewatering
  • Production of filter wells

Grossmann Baugesellschaft - Grundwasserabsenkung
Grossmann Baugesellschaft - Grundwasserabsenkung