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Earthworks and Special Civil Engineering – safe construction on any ground

For every construction project, a solid foundation is of paramount importance. Tailored special solutions are essential for larger construction projects. Precisely coordinated procedures for foundations, subsoil sealing, rock, slope and structure stabilisations are needed, which must meet both the soil conditions and the intended use. In these challenging fields, we are your experienced partner in consultation, planning and implementation.

Our Services in Earthworks and special civil engineering
Construction pits - stability for any subsoil

The choice of construction method depends on geological conditions, groundwater levels and stratification of the subsoil. We supplement construction pit walls, if necessary with anchoring, support and bed sealing systems. With years of expertise in special civil engineering and our problem solving skills, we offer solutions even for challenging construction tasks.

Subsoil Improvement - cost-effective stabilisation of existing subsoil

The cost-effectiveness of a stabilisation measure and the level of effort required depend significantly on local regulations, planning constraints, and the chosen technology. These factors essentially define the layout of the stabilising elements employed. As specialists in subsoil improvement measures, we serve as your comprehensive, one-stop solution, offering processes meticulously tailored to your construction project.

Foundation - secure base

The foundation serves as the structural and static interface between the building and the ground. Its primary function is to bear the loads from the structure and securely transfer them to the subsoil.

Sanierung – Bewahrung historischer Bausubstanz

Ob Brücken, Gebäude oder historische Bauten – wir bieten passende Verfahren für eine fachgerechte Sanierung. Besonders bei Bauen im Bestand beweisen wir agiles Planen und Umsetzen.

Rehabilitation - preserving buildings safely

Revitalising buildings demands a profoundly delicate approach towards historic structures and extensive years of expertise. Whether it's renovating a bridge or a building, or professionally reconstructing the masonry of historical edifices, we employ the appropriate methods.

What Techniques Do We Offer in Earthworks and special civil engineering?

Our specialists develop individual solutions, ensuring the economic and reliable completion of your construction project. GROSSMANN Baugesellschaft meets the highest demands for reliability and adaptability with experienced teams and a high-performance fleet of machines. We guarantee timely handover and stand competently by your side even in unexpected challenges. We apply the following techniques:

  • Construction pit walls
  • Ground anchors
  • Sealing slabs
  • Conventional underpinning with underpinning walls according to DIN 4123
  • Underpinning with fine cement injection
  • Injections
  • Shotcrete
  • Masonry restoration
  • Bored piles
  • Full displacement bored piles
  • Driven piles
  • Micro piles
  • Subsoil improvement
What we offer in the area of shoring and earthworks
  • Earthworks and civil engineering work of all kinds
  • Securing and supporting excavation pits with "Berlin shoring" - soldier pile walls
  • Foundation work of all kinds
  • Bored piles for transferring high structural loads into deeper load-bearing soil layers
  • Driving or high-frequency vibration of sheet piles