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Commercial construction - we create ideal conditions for your success

Whether it's warehouses, car showrooms, assembly halls, or commercial buildings – we establish the optimal conditions for your commercial construction, providing space for your success. Modern commercial buildings today are more than just practical workplaces; they serve as your company's business card, representing your corporate philosophy. Therefore, the external appearance of your commercial hall plays a central role in your corporate identity.

For years, clients in the Rhein-Main area have relied on our expertise. From modern storage facilities with integrated office buildings to high-end production sites, we realise pioneering properties in commercial construction tailored precisely to your requirements.

Diverse utilisation - options in commercial construction

In commercial construction, social and sanitary rooms as well as offices are often indispensable. Various types of usage come into play:

Commercial halls

These must meet diverse requirements, whether in logistics or production.

Car showrooms

Functionality and aesthetics are equally crucial here, both indoors and outdoors.

Workshop halls

Efficient work demands ample space; hence, large spans and stable structures to absorb vibrations are essential.

Assembly halls

These need to be spacious and, above all, functional. Steel and reinforced concrete offer the opportunity for stable constructions.

Office buildings

Offices should create an appealing and motivating work environment, making a significant contribution to team motivation.

What do we offer in commercial construction?

Thanks to cutting-edge construction methods, there are no limits to the appearance and size of your commercial building. The various construction types offer numerous opportunities and advantages. The most common commercial construction methods at GROSSMANN Baugesellschaft include:

Concrete halls

These are made of reinforced concrete, which we install as prefabricated components or cast on-site. We differentiate between stable load-bearing structures and area-based constructions. An advantage: Concrete offers excellent fire protection. This non-combustible building material is resistant to smoldering fires, which can reach extremely high temperatures. Additionally, concrete has high heat storage capacity and effectively shields against heat, keeping the temperature rise in building components low.

Lightweight halls

If cost consciousness is paramount, lightweight halls could be the right choice. This construction method allows for economically optimised commercial halls. However, they can only fulfil properties like fire resistance or thermal insulation to a limited extent. An advantage: Lightweight halls are ideal when you need quick access to your new commercial hall or have a temporary space requirement. They can not only be set up rapidly but also dismantled quickly and without residues.

Steel halls

Halls with steel structures offer numerous possibilities both structurally and aesthetically in commercial construction. Slimmer cross-sections and the static properties of steel allow for wide spans. Therefore, these constructions are excellent for building warehouses, workshop halls, or assembly halls. An advantage: Steel halls can be easily and cost-effectively expanded in both directions. Additionally, bolted constructions enable easy dismantling or reconstruction at another location at an affordable price.

Whether your business is growing and you need a new commercial hall or you're preparing to launch your company – GROSSMANN Construction Company is the right partner for constructing your commercial hall.