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Civil engineering - tailored and innovative solutions for maximum planning security

When it comes to technical structures that exhibit a high degree of functionality and demand specific requirements in planning, design, structural analysis, and execution, comprehensive technical and constructive calculations are indispensable. This includes traditional infrastructure constructions such as retaining structures and bridges, as well as expansive industrial halls, which require not only the use of innovative technical building materials and architectural concepts but, most importantly, experienced civil engineers who apply specific DIN standards and regulations according to your requirements.

In GROSSMANN Baugesellschaft, civil engineering is an essential component of our services. We offer you the entire spectrum in the field of structural and functional civil engineering, all at the highest level.

What do we offer in civil engineering?

In our civil engineering project management, a smooth process is guaranteed. We provide comprehensive services under one roof and employ innovative solutions to optimise our processes and ensure planning security for you. Our priority is complete transparency for our clients and the precise and timely realisation of your project, all while keeping a close eye on the budget.

With our expertise and years of experience, we guarantee the highest quality. Rely on our know-how for the success of your civil engineering project.