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Carcassing Work

A solid foundation is the cornerstone of your construction projects.  With our seasoned team, we are able to carry out carcassing work with the necessary expertise, precision, and years of experience.


“We build the right foundation for the construction projects you’ve planned.”

Our experienced team brings the necessary technical knowledge, as well as the precision and years of successful experiences, to carry out carcassing work.  We assist you with our expertise to bring your plans to life.

Our core competencies are carcassing work and earthwork for commercial and industrial construction, as well as property and residential construction projects.


Professional carcassing for business, industry, and logistics

Any construction project begins with carcassing work.  Grossman Baugesellschaft specializes in this area and offers the necessary know-how.  This involves carrying out structural and excavation work for commercial, industrial, and logistics projects.  We have grown well as a team and have the references to prove our successful implementation of construction projects and plans.  Will we be a part of your future projects?


What sets us apart?

Grossman Baugesellschaft GmbH stands for quality at fair prices in all our areas operation over the entire length/duration of the project.  Our skilled staff is well versed in every aspect of the trade.  In addition, we work exclusively long-standing contract partners and offer you goal-oriented, timely execution and completion of the construction project.  To ensure the professional execution of our carcassing work, we have our own state-of-the-art vehicle fleet at our disposal.  Our goal is to support you as a partner with expertise and know-how every step of the way.  Our basic concept is comprehensive schedule planning, which tells us right away what the successive work stages and project milestones are.  This enables both parties to have accurate and complete documentation and guarantees work of the highest quality—all the while ensuring maximum transparency.


Carcassing work for industry

The planning and realization of industrial carcassing projects can turn out to be particularly complex.  We are able to keep the big picture of large industrial facility projects in mind and execute the construction plans according to your wishes, thanks to several years of experience.  It does not matter how large and extensive your industrial warehouses are.  Our team and a site manager are available for questions and ideas at any time during the construction process.


What structural construction services in the commercial segment are offered?

Would you like to expand your existing commercial buildings or replace them with something new?  Very precise and comprehensive planning is required according to the type and size of your business.  Whether it is erecting building shells for commercial construction, hotels, etc., Grossmann Gesellschaft GmbH brings the relevant experience to erecting carcassing no matter what type of business you operate.


Do you want professional solutions for logistics construction?

Businesses in the logistics industry have to face and meet new challenges every day.  To successfully keep up with and stand out from other competitors, very modern and large logistic facilities are necessary.  Together with experienced architects, we dedicate ourselves to project planning so that construction plans, including logistics warehouses and loading ramps for trucks, can be realized 100 percent according to plan.


Highly qualified specialist and contact:  Grossman Baugesellschaft GmbH is on your side!

Grossman Baugesellschaft GmbH is not only known for the professional execution of carcassing work.  Our expert staff is also available for you to contact it at any time.  Are you planning a new building and are interested in our services?  We gladly invite you to a non-binding consultation, in which we will discuss everything with you step by step, clearly and in detail. Trust in our many years of experience and do not leave anything to chance!

We offer:

  • High quality at fair prices
  • Qualified employees
  • Permanent contract partners with competent personnel
  • Goal-oriented execution of the project according to schedule
  • Modern vehicle fleet

Range of Services

  • Steel construction
  • Reinforced concrete construction
  • Masonry construction
  • Masonry waterproofing
  • Earthwork
  • Prefabricated construction (concrete walls, concrete floors, concrete columns)

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