Commercial construction–an investment in the future

New construction of a 2000 m² warehouse residential unit
Location: Hermann-Niggemann-Straße, Laufach

Construction time: 6 months

Another exciting building project was the construction of an industrial warehouse in Laufach.  A few years prior to this project, we had already specialized in industrial building construction, because we understood that every company views such a construction project is a promising investment. With a construction process tailored to the needs of our client, we ensure that all of the work processes in the new industrial warehouse can run smoothly.

A strong foundation, which withstands even extreme loads without any problems

The basic building block here is also the foundation, which must withstand particularly high loads, because heavy equipment and machines will be repeatedly used. Thanks to our highly professional team and our technical equipment, we offer certified, consistently high quality with short construction times. Because time is money–especially in commercial construction.

Completion of the factory hall

After completion of the foundation, we were able to build the steel frame, so that the façade could soon be completed. Steel is ideal as a frame because it is flexible, light and expandable. You can see the entire progress of this construction project in the pictorial documentation. For many years now, a wide variety of companies have repeatedly placed their trust in our precision and speed in the construction of commercial buildings and extensions.