Furnished student apartments near the Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences

Furnished student apartments with underground car park close to the Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences

Location: Mattstraße, Aschaffenburg

Living units: 78

Construction time: 18 months

With the building project on Mattstraße, located in the immediate vicinity of the University of Applied Sciences, Aschaffenburg, we were commissioned to construct 78 residential units including an underground car park for students.  In addition, all of the residential units were to be handed over furnished.
We were able to complete the project within 18 months.

How the project began

The project started with the construction of the underground car park, which requires precise work, especially with regard to safety and statics, because such a structure has to bear an enormous weight permanently and reliably. With the most modern equipment and our large vehicle fleet, this task was completed professionally and quickly. This was followed by laying of the foundations for the building, followed by constructing the carcass of the 78 residential units, which by far took up the most time.

After only 18 months the project was completed!

After completion of the carcass, we were able to initiate the final construction phase and complete the building complex. This was followed by laying the supply lines, completing the interior work, and finally the complete furnishing of the apartments. Finally, our team prepared the outdoor facilities in a way that was both functional and attractive.