An exciting challenge!

Newly built residential complex with 92 residential units, including a day care center, restaurant and underground car park

Location: Würzburger Straße / Beckerstraße, Aschaffenburg

Residential units: 92

Construction time: 12 months

We were able to carry out a particularly exciting project on Würzburger/Beckerstraße in Aschaffenburg, where we built a residential complex with 92 apartments, including an adjacent day care center, restaurant and underground car park in a very short time. Before we could start the construction of the extensive complex, many architectural and security aspects, as well as the client’s ideas, had to be discussed in detail.

Underground car park and foundation–a structure to last a lifetime

The construction project began with building the underground car park.  Thanks to precise and qualified teamwork, the statics and safety of this construction can reliably protect the cars of future residents for decades. After this construction phase was completed, we completed the foundation as planned with great care–after all, this structure is also intended to reliably carry the heavy load of 92 residential units, a daycare center and a restaurant for many years. Following this basic construction phase, we started with the shell construction of the various types of buildings.

From carcass to completion

Thanks to our modern fleet of vehicles and our highly professional team, the carcass of this extensive building complex was completed quickly and at a high standard of quality, which enabled laying the supply lines and installing numerous doors and windows to be carried out shortly afterwards. When the preparation of the tranquil outdoor area was completed, we proudly handed over the finished complex to our completely satisfied client!