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Erecting a hotel in Frankfurt is another one of our current construction projects.  For this project, too, the fulfillment of the client’s wishes is our top priority.  Once we were able to clarify exactly what the client wanted, we were able to begin construction.  Of course, we paid attention to the smallest details of the construction project, so that nothing was left to chance.  In addition, we have also had to observe special construction regulations when building a hotel.  But that isn’t a problem for us–we have a lot of experience dealing with specific building regulations.

A foundation that supports both the hotel and the furnishings!

As with any construction, this building project also began with a solid foundation. An incredible load on the foundation had to be taken into account, as several floors are being built on top of it. But the foundation must not only bear the load of the individual floors, but also the furnishings that will later be included, as well as the weight of all the guests.

Floor by floor to the top! Thanks to our fleet of vehicles that’s no problem!

After the foundation was successfully erected, construction of the individual floors could begin.  Thanks to our large vehicle fleet, this was not a problem for us.  Even tall buildings are no problem, because we are perfectly equipped to handle such cases.  The pictures offer the best way to follow the progress of the individual floors.  As soon as the first floor is finished, the accompanying ceiling can be built.  Initially, the ceiling is supported by poles, which you can also wonderfully see in the photos.  Only then can the next floor be built.  Afterwards, as many floors are added as the client would like.  Once these have all been built, the carcassing work is complete and the last construction phase can begin, so that the hotel is ready for occupancy as soon as possible.

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