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Commercial Construction

We offer individual solutions for every company. Our aim: the greatest possible functionality with the best possible flexibility.
Are you planning the extension of your company building or a new construction? Are you concerned about high costs or cumbersome construction work that could disrupt business operations? Not with us! Grossman Baugesellschaft GmbH has several years of experience in the area of commercial construction and is prepared for all eventualities.


Step-by-step to successful project completion
The basis of a successful construction project lies in the carcassing, which is the foundation for the entire duration of the project. It is of particular importance to plan and proceed appropriately with a view toward all eventualities. Alongside special construction regulations, the law requires that fire and noise protection measures also be observed. You should therefore not only rely on us for reasons of planning and cost. With us as a partner, you leave nothing to chance.


What types of commercial buildings do we build?
The type of business you run is not a problem for us. We are guided entirely by your wishes and carry out your specifications down to the smallest detail. Among other things, we erect modern, high-quality office complexes, as well as, for example, smaller buildings for medical practices. Moreover, we have extensive experience in hotel construction and suitable extensions. Building large halls for use as storage facilities or other purposes is not a problem for us either. Existing building complexes can also be extended, for example if offices have become too small over time.


Professional equipment and self-owned construction vehicles
Especially in commercial construction, unusual situations and challenges can arise. Even the best construction team cannot cope with these situations if the appropriate equipment is unavailable. For this reason, Grossmann Baugesellschaft GmbH is completely and professionally equipped. This is the basis for high-performance construction work that runs smoothly and without interruptions. Our fleet of vehicles includes all the vehicles required for effective work on carcassing for commercial construction. In contrast to other construction companies, which depend on support services from third parties in many areas, Grossmann Baugesellschaft GmbH offers you first-class service from a single source.


Contact us for questions about your commercial building!
Do you have specific questions or suggestions concerning your commercial building? We are always at your disposal and support you in every area of the project. Regardless of the building project you have planned, we will ensure a targeted approach to its execution. Even in the preliminary stage, our specialists will answer important non-binding questions and can assess situations or suggestions very accurately. Simply contact us by phone or e-mail. Alternatively, a contact form is also available.

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