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New-build apartment block with 12 residential units incl. underground car park
New-build apartment block with 3 residential units
Location: Obergasse / Altkönigstraße, Oberursel
Construction time: 9 months

In the Obergasse/corner of Altkönigsstraße in Oberursel, we were able to successfully realise the large-scale construction project of two different apartment buildings: one apartment building was equipped with twelve residential units and an underground car park, while the other apartment building comprised three residential units. After a detailed analysis with the client, we were able to realise the client's wishes in just nine months.

Step by step to success

After we had built an underground car park of stable value, we laid the solid foundations for both apartment blocks at the same time. This meant that we were able to successfully complete the laying of the foundations for the project in a very short space of time, and we used our expertise to optimally adapt the various elements of the shell construction to the respective wishes and requirements and were soon able to begin with the final interior work.

Completion with deadline certainty

This property was completed within the deadline set for us. We were able to hand over a high-quality property to our customers - a long-term increase in value over decades.