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New construction of a multi-family house with underground car park
Location: Schwalbach
Residential units: 10
Construction time: 7 months

Our job in Schwalbach was once again to build a block of flats. Even though the Grossmann construction company has already gained a lot of experience in the construction of apartment blocks, we still prioritise the customer's wishes in every project. You will not find standard or standardised designs in our references. Modern and contemporary is our motto and yet we work together to find out your individual wishes and advise you on them - whether a pitched roof, hipped roof or flat roof and many more options we have discussed with our customers in personal meetings.

From laying the foundation stone to living space

The pictures show you exactly how the construction of this apartment block proceeded. Of course, we started with the foundation - the cornerstone of any successful construction project, which must reliably bear all future loads.

Energy efficiency at all levels

We also rely on innovative building technology with high savings potential when building apartment blocks. In this way, we ensure low ancillary costs, which is becoming increasingly important to more and more tenants. Grossmann Baugesellschaft also installs only the highest quality sanitary and heating systems in its apartment blocks.