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New build apartment block incl. underground car park and commercial unit
Location: Friedenstraße 16-22, Kahl am Main
Residential units: 25
Construction time: 9 months

For Friedensstraße 16-22 near Kahl am Main, we were commissioned to construct an apartment block and a commercial unit, with the apartment block comprising 25 residential units and an underground car park. As we have years of experience in the construction of both apartment blocks and commercial units and are technically optimally equipped for a task of this size, our team was looking forward to this project.

We realised the Calder Höfe project step by step

After finding out all of the customer's requirements in detail during preliminary discussions, we immediately began building the underground car park, which requires absolute precision and experience, as an underground car park has to withstand the immense pressure of the overlying soil and the building for decades. Our team was therefore able to successfully complete this phase in a timely manner and begin the construction of a load-bearing foundation so that the usually time-consuming construction of the shell could begin shortly afterwards. Even this complex construction phase was completed quickly and conscientiously by our highly professional team, so that the building was finally completed quickly with the interior work.

Commercial units are no problem for us!

Almost in parallel with the construction of the residential complex, we began with the realisation of the desired commercial building - these often pose extraordinary challenges for a construction company. However, thanks to our optimally trained employees and modern machines as well as our highly professional equipment for commercial work, we were also able to complete the commercial unit quickly and in an exemplary manner. If you are planning a similar construction project, we would be delighted to hear from you.