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New construction of an apartment block in Aschaffenburg
Location: Hoffmannstraße, Aschaffenburg
Residential units: 6
Construction time: 8 months

In Hoffmannstrasse in Aschaffenburg, we were able to realise the contract for an apartment building with a total of six residential units in just eight months. Thanks to a clearly defined construction target, our team of experts was able to realise this project in the shortest possible time while meeting the highest quality standards.

Stable construction of apartment blocks

This apartment block stands on a stable foundation on which we have placed the solid shell. We rely on proven construction methods in combination with quality and tradition. In addition, our apartment blocks do not lose value over the years, as we can boast intensive testing procedures and decades of experience. Thanks to our traditional craftsmanship and the use of high-quality materials, we were also able to quickly complete the shell construction in Hoffmannstrasse and move on to the next construction phase. The final construction of the living space was also completed quickly and professionally thanks to our highly motivated employees.

Final completion of the apartment block

The apartment block then only had to be designed ready for occupancy, so that our client could rent out the flats at a good price, but would possibly want to live in them themselves in old age. We therefore also set the highest standards for the interior design of this apartment block and designed a comfortable outdoor area.